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2010 - present

2010 - present




Local Revolution fuse World Music with Reggae, Funk and Hip Hop. Our goal is to inspire and bring joy to the mind, body and soul of everyone around the world.
Created on the streets of Adelaide, Local Revolution represent people from all walks of life, united by our passion for music, peace and harmony.

Our journey has been filled with exciting music, beautiful people and powerful live performances, several of which were played at the annual Rootz Fest, an event that was produced by the members of Local Revolution and headlined by bands such as: Babylon Burning, Irie Knights, The Bearded Gypsy Band and The Shaolin Afronauts.
Find out more at www.adelaiderootzfest.com

Lenin Garrido- Guitar/ Vox
Oscar Asbanu - Percussion/ Didgeridoo / Vox
Paul Attanasio - Drums / Synth / Vox
Aidan 'Jazzy' Jones - Bass / Vox
Nick Sverdloff- Saxophone / EWI / Vox

Stephen ' Sticks' Morabito - Percussion

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